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Uw Hfs Agreement

Sublicensing and contract acquisition procedures will be reassessed in light of « Stay at Home » public orders. Therefore, the questions are not accepted at this time. The current contract holder has not yet filed a notification of termination. Before submitting your notification, please verify your agreement, particularly Section XVI, which deals with the participation fee associated with the extract before the expiry of the contract term, including situations that may exempt you from termination fees. If you opt out before the end of your contract, please send a Notice of Termination (ATN). You do not have to submit ATN if you move during the spring term or at the end of the EFS, interim or summer term. When a potential resident is removed from a current holder to HFS and requests 12-month apartments as a new occupant, with the intention of taking over the agreement and allocation of space for the contract holder who has evacuated his HFS accommodation for the remainder of the current agreement with HFS. If you want to leave your home at the end of the spring term or in the summer quarter, you can do so without being charged for terminating your housing contract; However, you remain responsible for paying the monthly tax until the end of your contract. The information in this section does not relate to residents who move at the end of the contract.

Forecast residents: a student recruited by a current contract holder who is trying to break his agreement with HFS, who agrees to move in and assume responsibility for the space for the duration of the current contract. You do not pay a fee for termination of the contract if you are able to provide documents that prove one of the following: By signing your housing agreement, you have entered into a legal agreement that provides that if you have questions about your residence contract or your release date, please contact: The intent of the HFS Waiver Request procedure is to offer students the opportunity to apply for an exemption from the terms of the agreement. their housing contract or an exemption from HFS. Politics. Exceptions are sometimes granted in situations where a student demonstrates a sudden or recent change in circumstances due to exceptional circumstances beyond his or her control. Both for a sublicensing and for contract support, the apartment below and the room is a specific room inside an apartment on campus owned by HFS.