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Shareholder Agreement Smlouva

The first reason is that it is a non-public mission, that is, you will not find it in the trade register. The second reason is that it is an informal document, so that partners have the opportunity to deal much more freely with a much larger number of issues. In simple terms, the SHA can withstand much more flexible, innovative regulation, and even, from the perspective of the traditional concept of social contract, cross-border rules for partner relations. The shareholder contract (SHA) therefore plays a key role in the creation of the company. This instrument governs, among other things, members` relations, business interests and also members` confidentiality obligations, thus helping to prevent possible litigation within the company. Due to the content of sensitive data, this document is not public. Sha is legally optional, but in practice his creation is widespread. Unlike the modification of the public social contract, a form of notarized deed is not necessary to change the SHA. So what is the confusion between concepts? As soon as you create a business yourself, this document is not called a foundation charter, but as a social contract.

Even if it is the same document. What complicates matters further is that we also call the second basic document, the shareholder contract, as a social contract. It is important to reiterate that this document is public. This means that it is a kind of window into the operation of your business. The most sensitive data and information are therefore defined by the second of the basic documents, the Shareholders` Pact (SHA). The third and perhaps most important argument in favour of the application of SHA, in particular the inclusion of rights and obligations to them instead of the social contract, is that it does not require notarized change. This greatly increases the flexibility of adaptations, both over time and on the financial side. Changing the social contract every month would hurt you administratively and financially, it is not a problem in the case of SHA. Sha therefore acts in some cases as a transaction document to amend the formal social contract. The shareholders` pact is an essential document of a company that has been concluded as an option among its shareholders and contains sensitive data and information. Compared to the social contract, sha can withstand a relationship between partners that is much more flexible and often even cross-border from the point of view of the traditional notion of a social contract. In extreme cases, it may also contain things that are on the verge of good character or the law.

That`s why it`s important that your contract is evaluated by a lawyer. By transmitting it, you agree to process personal data. For more information on prices, click here. The most sensitive issues are governed by a special document – SHA. This document is not mandatory, but there are a number of reasons to have it, and in our practice it is almost always used when setting up multi-partner businesses.