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Scheduling Agreement Release Procedure

If the system detects multiple sales delivery plan, this could be for the following reasons: I`ll set up the exit procedure for Scheduling Agreement (LP), I use the same output class as by Purchase Order, but if I go to maintain the release group system, automatically takes the category of the object as 2 (i.e. command) it comes as a gray field , so I can`t change it, for the delivery plan it should be -4. Btw…. We solved here our problem for its version…. thx all for yourkind concern about this matter, The system uses the following search criteria to search for a sales schedule: As a message sender, check the classification in the purchase delivery contract. To recreate old divisions that are not copied, run it manually. You can only use one class for each output object. Therefore, to distinguish PO, SA, contract you need a path for the strategy of exiting maintenance from the calendar, publication condition: It defines who must first share the document. Arrangement for DS type setting on E JIT delivery plans are not used in the sales agreement Now we have an order that must be approved () to be valid for subsequent processing. The output object 4 does not refer to SA. Therefore, if you see the output object 2 for SA. It`s true.

Exit strategy: It defines the order in which the purchase title is to be released – it contains the terms of sharing, the sharing codes, the terms of sharing. It defines the entire authorization or unlocking process Please advise me on how to define the procedure for unlocking the appointment contract. This service allows the following operations for delivery plans for delivery plans: You can test a sharing strategy used by the purchase document by clicking the « Liberation Strategy » button on the screen above. You can also simulate the policy output with the « Simulate Release » button. We can have many different strategies for different situations. You can set, for example. B, a sharing policy that depends on occupancy, you can set a sharing strategy based on the purchase organization, buying group or other important information for a purchase letter. Unlock the sales delivery plan and re-process 2. Another thing…. The key to indicate the backlog and the instant requirement are not displayed in the SA version…. (I think it should be displayed in the « calendar line type » column. although I established the SA with the creative profile that the relevant indicator for the backlog and the immediate requirement defined in the overall parameter of the creation profile.

Did I miss something? Question: 1. Should this be the case? If you read the library, I guess after creating the SA version and printing (among other things), the status of the old SA becomes green, and if you make changes, the release number will be increased….